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DevLoL Global Industries wishes your reading of following Urgent Message.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) artdanion, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) doebi, Chief Literature Officer (CLO) fire, Chief Respectable Research Done Daily (CR2D2) Schmidi, Chief Cat Officer (CCO) Aurel and Chief Product Publicity Placement Officer (3CPO) TomK32 are selling high-quality products to the beloved customers of Internet Yami-Ichi at Ars Electronica Festival. We make hard competition by pricing products of our manufacturing at modest price range most acceptable to all customers.

Please do visit our headquarter booth at the show: Sat Sep 5th 12:00 to 19:00

  • CEO artdanion and CFO doebi present Augmented Reality - History Viewer 1.10 -- marvel at our most precise map at: google maps and the Flyer

  • CR2D2 Schmidi Cookies which are not edible but will boost your identification with our most treasured hackerspace.

  • CFO doebi SSL-Certificates which will help you proof validity of netpage

  • 3CPO TomK32 will offer unique unix timestamps in hardcopy for remembering this precious moment of purchase.

  • CCO Aurel is heading presentation of Winkekatze(TM) is our latest ferral product with long-lasting enterainment promised to customers. No money back

  • CFO doebi will happily accept your per-order of future product kit named Bimlights which give your view of city transportation at once glance. No batteries necessary or included.

  • CLO fire is creating highly secure passwords for your security concern. Many variations for customization are available immediately!

You must reference and invite you colleagues to our webhome you find under