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TomK32 / social-problems

This is a page for devlol's 2019 Yami-Ichi booth where Thomas R. Koll will consult inventors what social problem their technical solution might solve.

Always remember kids: The best way to fix a social problem is through technical solutions.


It's the 1480s and you've come up with an invention to get your machine and yourself airborne? But no one cares? We would have advised you to get talking with nearby tyrannic rulers who want to get a tighter grip on their population. Think Blue Thunder set in the Renaissance.

You've come up with an invention to cause giant earthquakes, strong enough to rip the Juan de Fuca plate from the North American plate? What use would that be you ask? -- Besides the obvious benefits for sailing tourism that a large inland sea would have. -- We've though long and hard about this and our research uncovered that the US prison population is steadily growing: Why not turn the newly established island of Los Angeles into a prison?

Technical solutions are here to stay but they need well-defined social problems to survive!