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Page name: DevMap


  • Enable our wiki to process and view geo information
  • Create a re-useable plattform for use in other projects

Suggested Platform


  • openlayers provides an easy to use and very flexible platform to show and explore data on a map


  • MapProxy is a flexible backend.

  • It can be used as a simple tile cache for OpenStreetmap but easly extended to include other data sources or to convert into an other data format


  • Since it is the primary data storage it makes sense to extend it to contain and serve geo information
  • There is allready a simple moin macro OpenStreetMap to include an openlayer map in moin and show additional data points

  • We want more: something like "show a map with all geo-tagged pages in category foo linking these" or "get me a map with thumnails of all geo tagged pictures attached to page bar"

How to participate

  1. Leave a note here, include some contact information if you aren't (yet) a /dev/lol inhabitant
  2. Contact rupi and tell him in person


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