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Once upon a time there was a blinkofant. Then it got scrapped, then it got saved by metalab, then it spilled to nearby hackerspaces. DevLoL has a huge bag of those 8x9 LED modules.

Panels need 12V supply and the two linear regulators deliver 8V (for the 8 L3654S drivers) and 5V for all the other ICs. Our (TomK32 & Marcel) research has show that the L3654 is working on 5V just fine thus all regulators and the heatsink should be removed and replaced with a more efficient buck regulator delivering 5V. This will also increase reliability as the heatsink tends to tear out the regulators.

Sightings, iterations, and hacks

The world's a mess - common error modes

  • Faint glow of a whole panel when switching between them.

References and datasheets are cool