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Challenge for 2017: Create time pieces. Because devlol hasn't got a single one!.


  • Regaluhr is a esp8266 using NTP to display time on a 0.56" 7-segment display. source on github

  • Clockofant is a 9x8 pixels pcb showing handles for hours, minutes and seconds

prototype using ntp to show the minute of the day (10:56 UTC)
displaying UTC


  • make wonderful things

Brain-dump (ideas cost nothing, execution is priceless)

  • In 2017 hackerspace clock ask you for time
  • It's Midnight In: <City>

  • Custom (epoxy?) 8 or 9 segment font:

  • Giant flip dot with 7 segments
  • COB LEDs of different size for hour and minute handle.
  • Plexiglas edge-lit handles that rotate and are lit from the center point.

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